A residential solar energy and solar hot water system can be installed on almost any type of roof. The Ideal roofs for installations should be facing in northerly aspects. Where they are not then frames and specific bracketing systems are available for most roof types and angles. Unobstructed and unshaded spaces will produce the highest returns.

Battery back up systems, although expensive additions, are available to increase your self sufficiency.

To ensure the best possible experience, we walk you through the process of having your system installed step by step. From the initial assessment to obtaining permits and completing the installation, we do everything we can to make solar easy.

The transition to solar energy is simple. Power generated by your solar array will function just like any other electricity in your home meaning you won’t have to change your home or appliances in any way.

There are many benefits to having a solar energy system that is tied to the grid. First, it eliminates the need for an expensive battery back-up system. Second, you are guaranteed that you will always have access to a power source.

Commercial Solar

A Commercial Solar System is the number one option for energy replacement in any business. Be it a large 100kw, smaller 30 KW or specifically designed combined solar hot water system it is guaranteed that it will replace your ongoing daily energy costs for power and gas.

Community buildings like schools, libraries, government building, industrial, commercial and retail properties including pubs, clubs, hotels, motels, breweries and wineries are all turning to solar power and solar hot water systems to hedge against the rising cost of electricity and gas. It also raises their environmental impact profile. The transition to solar is simple and to ensure the best possible experience contact us to speak with our commercial team.

Note: Leasing options available on commercial installations.


Although systems are designed to be mostly maintenance free we always recommend yearly inspections to optimise you investment returns. We can service or replace worn items or products, check performance levels and operations and provide reports when necessary. We have packages to suit a wide variety of options so call today for a quote on maintaining your solar power and hot water system.